A Few Hundred Red Pens

This book stuff is incredibly interesting. And mildly frightening.

Writing a book is about much more than just writing a book. Finishing the work is no small feat. I've told people the more I write the harder it is to write. What I mean is that my standards went up and I discovered that the words I chose to explain what is in my head did not always transfer smoothly to paper.

Then there was the whole production cycle. I consider footnotes the root canal of writing. Indexing was not nearly as painful. Then the copy editing, the illustrations, and at every point along the way something to fix. The birthing process of a book is quite long and requires patience and tenacity.

Now that the satisfaction of holding it in my hands has come (at last!), the excitement of getting it out there has arrived. The website and online sales have been incredibly simple and accessible. Creating this blog and the Facebook page are part of the marketing and really quite fun. My first book event is now less than two weeks away.

And then it dawned on me. That feeling that every author gets no matter how many times they are published. What if people don't like it? 

Putting out a book, particularly about a topic on Texas history where there are so many experts, is a risky venture. As the first books start to arrive in the hands of patient family, friends, and scholars it is time for both nervousness and excitement. Though there have been some very favorable early reviews by readers I respect, now it is time to really find out if I achieved my goal of not only informing readers but engaging them in this old road.

So please take the time to enjoy the book, tell others about it, save your notes on corrections for a few weeks please, and (covering my eyes) let me know what you think. Gently, of course.  :)