Find Trammel's Trace Using Google Maps

To see the route of Trammel’s Trace overlaid on Google Maps CLICK HERE. This Google Maps version will allow you to see where the likely route of Trammel's Trace crosses a modern landscape. Thanks to Logan Hope, a Henderson native and Stephen F. Austin State University grad, for developing this tool based on my mapping.

If you use the tool while driving with your smartphone GPS on, you will be able to see when you are close to the projected crossing of Trammel's Trace. You can also change the base map to a satellite image showing ground features.

The map allows you to zoom in and see a particular location. The blue X’s are known points of a Trammel’s Trace crossing from the Original Texas Land Survey (OTLS) field notes. The black ? points are surveyor calls for other roads, some unnamed. You can also turn on headright survey boundaries for the OTLS, but that add complexity that most will not need. . 

Routes and markers are updated as of January 15, 2019.


Map of Trammel's Trace (c) 2015 Gary Pinkerton

This map can be downloaded for free by going to the Orders tab. 

TTR 11X17 printout.jpg